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. . .  Using Ancient Vedic and Tropical Methods by Liz Oertel. 

This is the website of Astrologer Elizabeth Oertel.  We're under construction but I'll be adding more information as time allows.

A Little Bit About Rahu and Ketu or the Moons Nodes

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are call Rahu and Ketu by Vedic astrologers, and are given great attention in the natal chart. The Nodes of the Moon are also called the head and tail of the dragon by Chinese astrologers.  The tendency in most modern western astrology systems has been to ignore their very existence, and in the process, lose a wealth of important information.

The Nodes of the Moon are points in space where the Moon's path intersects with the Earth's ecliptic, ie., the Earth's path around the Sun intersects the moon's path around the earth.  These points are where eclipses occur.  The North Node called Rahu, and the South Node called Ketu, are the path of consciousness where you need to grow the most throughout this life time.  They are an axis or polarity to each other where Ketu is development that you have completed and Rahu is where you are underdeveloped in relation to Ketu's placement.  They are what brings you here to this present life in the first place.  So in short, Ketu is where you are most comfortable and feel at home, so you have strong desires to be there, and Rahu is the unknown and which you have strong desires towards too.  Desire, desire, desire. They are usually your largest driving desires that need to be reckoned with and resolved into each other.

About Liz

What got me interested in the serious study of vedic astrology was the effect of the North and South nodes of the moon upon your entire life.  After studying some western and other obscure methods of astrology that utilize the moon's nodes, I wanted to go deeper into the Hindu Vedic systems, also known as Jyotish, because they have the most knowledge of the moons nodes, called Rahu and Ketu.  I was very lucky in that no sooner than I put my desire out to the universe, I was directed to the work of Ernst Wilhelm, a brilliant student of the ancient vedic astrology texts, particularly those of Parashara, Jaimini and the Surya Siddhanta.  I have been an avid student of his work and methods uncovered ever since, and offer this wealth of knowledge and methods in my own work.  I also use Kala software, the only software to do all the calculations that are necessary for this work.

About Liz's Personal Astrology Readings

Liz's Personal Natal readings look at important aspects in each of the 12 houses of your life such as; what and where your strengths and weaknesses are, special talents, where your best efforts will be rewarded, where not to put your energy, past life lessons brought into this life, what type of love you need in a relationship, what type of love you have to offer in a relationship, what type of partners you attract, what dosha you are in and it's effect on you, what helps you regenerate, the important yogas you have, your soul's desires and your subconscious fears, and the meaning of your all important personal Rahu and Ketu and their placement in your chart.

Payment is taken through Paypal, but if you wish to send a check or money order via regular mail, please contact Liz here. 

Personal Natal Astrology Reading $180.00 USD
If you need to use a sliding scale payment, please email Liz.

All readings are strictly confidential and can change your life for the better!

Single Question Live Phone Consultation

Do you have one burning question about something in your life?  This consultation is just for you. Get an in depth look for clarity and better understanding.  This is a live consultation with Liz via telephone, and it is not necessary to have your natal reading done previously.  Liz will need your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth if you have it, and your current location, not your full address, just your city or town, state, country.  

Single Question Live Phone Consultation $50.00 USD

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