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This page contains brief descriptions of various shamanic healing methods.  Click on the links under each section for a more detailed description.  I'll be adding more information as time allows.
Power Animal Retrieval
We all have guardian spirits and among them are power animals.  Useful when you don't practice shamanic journeying, or have not yet learned to journey, to make a relationship with that power animal and enhance your sense of connection with your inner self.  Liz journeys to non-ordinary reality to find your power animal or animals, and brings them back to you.  Power animal retrieval can also be part of the soul retrieval process.  Click here to schedule a power animal retrieval session with Liz.

Soul Retrieval  click here for more about soul retrieval.
When parts of us go missing due to trauma, illness, etc. and we feel empty, depressed, angry, or have chronic illnesses.  Liz journeys into non-ordinary reality to find your missing soul parts and brings them back to you.  Click here to read more about soul loss and soul retrieval.   Click here to schedule a soul retrieval session with Liz.

Uncording  click here for more about uncording.
Useful when we want to remove ourselves from energies of others that drain us.  Click here to read more about uncording.  Click here to schedule an uncording session with Liz.

At times energies and/or entities that are not in our best interest can enter our bodies and cause all sorts of trouble such as, depression, excessive anger, food cravings, obsessive -compulsive disorder, etc.  Liz is trained to remove these energies/entities and send them away from you, leaving you clear.  Click here to schedule an extraction session with Liz.

This is the term that refers to helping earthbound spirits cross over into the light.  This is often needed as part of space clearing. And yes, some people refer to it as "ghost busting" or "ghost whispering".

Space Clearing
This can be done for homes, apartments, offices, office buildings, whole lots of land. There can be many levels, from disharmony to outright toxicity, that need to be worked on.

Energy Healing/Reiki/Chakra Balancing
Liz is attuned in the Usui reiki system,  and has had the gift of healing touch since childhood.  She has proved very helpful to people with all sorts of physical and emotional pains and difficulties.    Click here to schedule an energy healing/reiki session with Liz.

Divination  click here for more about Angel/Archangel sessions. Liz communicates with the Angels and Archangels for guidance to perform readings and healings.  She employs the use of Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle Card deck, Healing With the Fairies Oracle Card deck, and the Power Animals card deck by Steven Farmer, during reading sessions to help you solve problems, obtain guidance, and receive divine healings that to help you move forward in your life with joy and prosperity.  Click here for more information and to schedule a session.   Liz can do your Angel/Archangel readings and healings over the phone!

To order an Astrology Reading by Liz, and to find out a little bit about the Astrology that Liz uses, click here.

Reiki and Shamanic Healing for Animals
Shamanic healing, soul retrieval and Reiki are all very good for animals and Liz has done many successful animal healings as well as guiding lost animals home.  Click here to contact Liz about help for your animal friends.


Liz Oertel is the most caring and loving person you ever met. I had a very serious spirit problem and she gave me valuable advice that I am now very thankful for her. She gave me hope through her words and it lifted my spirits and I will always be grateful. Thank you so much Liz ..
*hugs* v.h 

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